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Zane’s coaching experience spans a wide variety of industries including financial services, consulting, technology, retail, private equity, real estate, professional sports, and non-profits. Client companies range from $10 million to $500 million and larger, including Microsoft, ADP, Colliers International, Bain & Company, Special Olympics, United Airlines, and more.

In addition to working with individuals and companies, Zane is a Certified Forum Facilitator for the Young Presidents Organization (YPO). In this role, he facilitates trainings and retreats for CEOs.

What clients say about working with Zane:

“Zane and I have been working together for over a decade. As my personal and professional coach, he has helped me navigate some of the most challenging moments and greatest opportunities of my career. Time and time again he has helped me create clarity from chaos and has pushed me to learn and grow as a person and a leader. Recently, Zane led a series of senior team off-sites at Lockton that have been transformational for our company. We are growing and changing as an organization in ways that never would have been possible without his help.”
— Tate McCoy, CEO, Lockton Mountain West Series

“Working with an executive coach is something of a leap of faith. I started working with Zane because several close friends had gone through his coaching program and said they’d gotten tremendous value from it and thought I would too. They were right. Zane has helped me guide my business to new heights and also learn how to better understand and manage my impact on others to increase my effectiveness. His style is supportive, but also challenging when needed. It’s a very effective approach.”
— Josh Hanfling, Co-Founder & Principal, Sewald Hanfling Public Affairs

“Zane did a chapter Forum training for us that was truly amazing. He managed to elegantly combine the ‘nuts and bolts’ of Forum best practices with the ability to actually take the group to a deeper level of Forum experience than we’ve ever had. His facilitation style is empowering and his work with us has had a lasting impact on the quality of our Forum meetings. The feedback from everyone involved was excellent. I would highly recommend Zane for any chapter looking for a great Forum training experience.”
— Sarah Woodley, CEO, Business Psychology Associates; Forum Officer, YPO Idaho Chapter
“Working with Zane has been transformational both for me and my business. I didn’t know which area of my life was the most urgent at the time, but soon realized they were both interconnected. During the time we’ve been working together, I have made a number of significant changes in my company to better align my business with the rest of my life. Zane helped me understand where I needed to go and how to get there. Today I am on a path to take both my company and my life to the next level and I attribute much of this shift to the work I have done with Zane.”
— Darren Fisk, President & CEO, Forum Real Estate Group
“Zane is great at taking the many years of experience and knowledge he has and transferring that wisdom to others. He clearly is an expert not only in YPO Forums, but also in dealing with individuals and small groups. Zane has a unique gift in getting others to open up, let their guards down and trust the environment that the group creates together.”
— John Casper, Regional President, The Hanover Insurance Group; Former Chapter Chair, YPO Colorado Chapter

“Zane offers much more than traditional executive coaching. He knows that great leaders must not only be able to lead others effectively, but they must also be able to lead themselves. Our work together helped me in almost every part of my life and propelled my professional journey toward my goal of becoming a ‘Level 5’ leader.”
— Bryan Traficanti, Partner & Head of Strategic Operating Team, KSL Capital Partners

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Zane on three occasions with two different groups of executives. Most recently we engaged him to facilitate an offsite retreat for hrQ’s national leadership team. The team left the offsite with strong connectivity, knowing each other better and a solid foundation of trust.”
— Molly McCoy, CEO & Founder, hrQ

“Our Forum retreat with Zane was incredibly valuable, both for me personally and for the group. We dove into some tough, deep issues that needed to be dealt with and we are much stronger as a result. Zane’s ability to help us go where we needed to go and ensure that no one was left behind was critical in making this a success. His style invites people to stretch out of their comfort zone in order to learn and grow. It was incredibly effective for us.”
— Mick Farrell, CEO, ResMed; Member, YPO Coastal San Diego Chapter
“Zane Robertson has a unique ability to combine business savvy and business experience with the compassion toward the success of others. He can quickly evaluate a situation and provide unique insight and multiple perspectives to address the issue. I have worked with Zane for over five years and referred many individuals to take advantage of his expertise. These referrals were done with complete confidence that Zane has the ability and compassion to change lives. Without exception, all of those referred to Zane have found tremendous value in his approach.”
— Mark Urich, EVP, Lockton Companies, LLC

“I was new to executive coaching and did not have high expectations. I was happily surprised to learn how I could bring my whole being to my work in a way that was authentic and effective. With Zane’s guidance I discovered the clarity I had been missing as well as my life’s purpose. His coaching style is human centered and customized for those who want to live a fulfilling and principled life.”
— Tracey Stewart, Social Impact Investment Executive

“After spending many years in other entrepreneurial growth and personal/professional development programs, including Strategic Coach, Entrepreneur’s Organization/Masters Program, and Young Presidents Organization, I found Zane’s coaching to be a logical next step after hitting a plateau in those organizations. Zane’s ability to tailor his coaching to my specific needs has helped me take my personal and professional journey to the next level and set a path to go well beyond that. Being able to identify and consistently utilize a set of tools, including meditation and self-awareness, has provided me an immediate gift and has become one of the most important influences in my life.”
— Matt Ritter, Founding Partner, Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors
“Our YPO Chapter brought Zane in to do three days of Forum training, working with a different group each day. The groups and individuals had a wide range of Forum experience, from none to many years. Zane was able to expertly navigate the different needs of the three groups and deliver a training experience that was perfect for what we needed. His depth of Forum knowledge, combined with his great teaching ability, made this one of the highest rated Forum trainings we’ve ever had.”
— Lizzie Dipp Metzger, President, Crown Wealth Strategies; Forum Officer, YPO El Paso Chapter
“Zane has been one of the most influential figures in my adult growth and emotional/spiritual maturity. He has given me the tools to stretch well beyond my comfort zone and recognize unique opportunities to grow and develop. His coaching style is to facilitate self-discovery rather than textbook formulas that don’t always apply. He is quite possibly the most talented listener and advisor for personal growth and self-exploration that I have come across. He is and will remain one of my closest personal advisors. The path Zane has helped me find is uniquely mine and through our continued work it will remain so, allowing me to live out my life’s mission to the fullest.”
— Ted Brown, SVP, Lockton Companies, LLC
“Zane has been my professional coach for over a year. He is the most expert and effective coach I have ever worked with. His approach is grounded in tangible tools, applied with nuance and personalization. In working with Zane, I have developed durable ‘hard’ skills I can really on an ongoing basis in various settings. In every meeting, Zane has found just the right time and context to introduce and incorporate new tools in our work. Zane has a very nuanced ability to sense and respond to my style, tone, and tenor, resulting in a personalized approach that seamlessly modifies the science of effective coaching with the unique needs of my situation. His ability to focus on my particular needs, style and objectives is a talent I have rarely seen in my professional career.”
— Brian Armstrong, Managing Director, Point B Capital
“Zane Robertson facilitated our three day retreat in Montana, combining a wilderness hike one day with a variety of powerful exercises on the other days. Our group was split between long-term members and new members, and there was some disconnection as a result. Zane completely understood this and devised a program which left us gelled and unified as one group by the end. That was our goal and Zane delivered really well. He also taught us a new way of doing presentations which is more fluid and intuitive than the old Q&A approach. We continue to use this new model and our meetings are far more valuable as a result. In selecting a facilitator, we did not want a bully, nor did we want a wall-flower. Zane showed strong leadership and gave firm direction without overly ‘dictating’ or ‘ordering’ events. He was the perfect fit.”
— Ian Thubron, Founder & Chairman, AsisStrategies; Member, YPO Pan Asia Chapter
“YPO Aspen worked with Zane on a Forum Moderator training as well as Forum training for a newly formed Forum in our chapter. Zane provided a lot of useful knowledge and training combined with experiential learning about Forum best practices. He was very effective and the new Forum has benefitted greatly from the accelerated development due to Zane’s training. We will definitely use Zane again in the future.”
— Randall Bone, CEO, Sunrise Company; Forum Officer & Former Chapter Chair, YPO Aspen Chapter
“About four years ago, I was in a very dark period of my life. I was very successful in my business, had two wonderful kids, and a loving wife. But something was missing. I woke most mornings dreading the day and often lost focus at the office. My family told me I was distant at home. It was then a close friend introduced me to Zane Robertson. I thought I just needed some motivation and some help in closing more deals. Surely the stress would go away and I could begin enjoying life again. Zane, however, challenged me on being present, on getting very clear on the things that matter most in my life, and to live every day with excitement, passion, and gratitude. The next six months were the most fulfilling in my life as Zane guided me through the maze of options, possibilities and decisions that lay ahead. Zane has become a mentor and supported me in my professional transition and personal growth. He is an incredibly talented coach and leader. His questions are often simple and always profound. He challenged me to be true to myself and to never accept mediocrity. Life looks a lot different these days and my kids and wife say that, ‘Dad smiles a lot more.’ I guess the litmus test is that each day I wake up excited for what the day will bring and how I can live it to the fullest. I appreciate Zane’s guidance and professionalism as he played a critical role in my journey.”
— Brad Billingsley, Founder, The Success Project
“Zane has been my professional coach for over a year.  He is the most expert and effective coach I have ever worked with.  His approach is grounded in tangible tools, applied with nuance and personalization. In working with Zane, I have developed durable ‘hard’ skills I can really on an ongoing basis in various settings …”
Brian Armstrong

Managing Director, Point B Capital