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Surviving & Thriving in Challenging Times

The following are some practices that I recommend for coping and thriving during these challenging times. I started this list for myself as I struggled with the coronavirus outbreak. I am sharing it in case it is helpful to others. Be kind to yourself. Imagine that...

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The Good Fear

In the coaching work I do with business leaders, one of the most common themes is around fear. It usually sits underneath adjectives like “stressed,” “anxious,” or “overwhelmed,” but all of these are some form of fear. It might be fear of failure, fear of being...

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Centering Exercise

I have had many requests recently to provide the Centering Exercise that I use at the beginning of coaching meetings, retreats, and trainings. It is actually different every time, but below is a representative sample. If you e-mail me, I will send it to you as an...

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The DP: Blowing on the Embers of Your Life

In my coaching and retreat work, I often have the honor of working with people as they gain transformational insight into their own lives. Working with someone who finds their true purpose, their authentic self, or discovers a new and exciting path in their life is...

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Mindfulness (60 Minutes segment)

In case you missed it, below is a link to the Mindfulness segment done recently on 60 Minutes. I highly recommend it. It takes about 15 minutes to watch. Enjoy! http://www.cbsnews.com/news/mindfulness-anderson-cooper-60-minutes/

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“Zane has been one of the most influential figures in my adult growth and emotional/spiritual maturity. He has given me the tools to stretch well beyond my comfort zone and recognize unique opportunities to grow and develop. His coaching style is to facilitate self-discovery rather than textbook formulas that don’t always apply. He is quite possibly the most talented listener and advisor for personal growth and self-exploration that I have come across. He is and will remain one of my closest personal advisors …”

Ted Brown

SVP, Lockton Companies, LLC